Work With Me

Personal One-to-One Coaching


  • Personal food behaviour and body image transformation sessions with Catherine McMahon tailored and unique to you, your goals and your life-story
  • Your experience is customised to provide the support you need in the moment with a flexible approach to getting the results you crave.
  • An opportunity to learn and develop the skills you need to get back into the driver’s seat of your life
  • A way to permanently overcome unhelpful and undesirable patterns so that you can create lasting happiness, self-love, joy and freedom in ALL areas of your life.


Women who want to achieve any or all of these:

  • Get back into the driver’s seat when it comes to food – without feelings of deprivation, restriction or guilt for indulging in foods and drinks you love (like pasta, cheese, wine, sweets…).
  • Feel happy, proud, and confident in your body so that you get excited about the clothes you wear EVERY day, going shopping and enthusiastic about finding creative ways to express your style – instead of shying away from a dressing room (or camera) and hiding away in your “play it safe” comfort clothes..
  • Be free to experience happiness, connection, and living in the moment; instead of being controlled by food, weight, and self-doubt
  • Make your dreams your reality and be consciously engaged in your life instead of sitting on the sidelines watching, wishing, waiting for your life to change and making empty promises to yourself about “someday.”
  • Create a deeply nurturing and totally satisfying relationship with yourself and loved ones - instead of looking for love and comfort from food, blaming your weight on how you feel and comparing your body and achievements against others and expecting them to fill your cup for you.