Raving Fans

RahatAdelaide, Australia

Thank you Catherine!! Your insight, intuition and understanding have helped me in overcoming unconscious patterns. I have learnt to differentiate between emotional craving and real hunger. Overall, it was an empowering experience of self-discovery, thank-you!!

I was very pleased as how much I actually got from our sessions. Catherine was able to bring things to the surface that had remained buried for a very long time. Once out they no longer had power. She has a wonderful caring and nurturing nature that made it so easy to talk from the heart (and occasionally, I think, from other organs).

Catherine has a very calm way of talking with people. At the start of a session I could be feeling stressed and frustrated from my day at work and within 15 mins my mood had calmed and at the end of the session I felt so much better. Her ability to recall very specific things was impressive – it seemed to go beyond taking notes.

Having Catherine’s help, combined with a good general eating and exercise plan, will go a long way in allowing people to achieve their weight loss goals. I have seen a permanent change in my thinking and have definitely benefited from the program in a number of ways.
JaneneNSW, Australia
KrystalAdelaide, Australia

I grew up thinking I was fat and second best, even when I wasn’t fat! Now I know these beliefs actually made me fat later in life. For a long time I lived in the shadows, wore jumpers on 40 degree days never wore a skirt and didn’t dream of going swimming! I now wear singlet’s, skirts and I even went swimming this summer!

Catherine’s treatment left me with wonder and amazement every time! I feel better with myself, I understand myself better and having broken some very old cycles she helped me free myself from old beliefs that kept my weight on. Thoughts of self-loathing, blaming others, feeling out of place and feeling undeserving are now losing their power after Catherine showed me how to be conscious of them and how to end them. Her techniques, knowledge and wisdom have been invaluable in my life. Just 1 session with Catherine eradicated my Tim Tam “issues” and to this day I am Tim Tam free! With my regular appointments I started to lose weight and guess what? It felt easy!

Catherine’s approach to weight loss is refreshing, it’s extremely enjoyable, and it deals with the issues that got me there in the first place. This program is a permanent life changer!

Catherine has a true gift

Working with Catherine helped me to identify why I have struggled emotionally with my weight since my early teens.

Catherine has a true gift and quickly identified the “root cause” of why I eat the way I do then gave me the tools to address these issues. The method is simple but so effective.

Her caring nature created a safe environment to discuss really sensitive issues and allowed me to be open and honest with myself.

After completing her program I have a much better relationship with food and this has produced huge benefits both for my weight and for my life.
Kerry Adelaide, Australia
AnitaBrisbane, Australia

I contacted Catherine McMahon in July, optimistic at the possibility of finally coming to terms with my relationship and emotions towards food and the way I looked at my body. I always found a way to justify my dreadful eating habits.

I simply didn’t ‘see’ me in the mirror – I merely saw a figure of a woman.

Even though our sessions were at times intense and often emotional, Catherine’s high standard of coaching and method of practice made my journey lucrative. We dealt with issues I had carried around for more than 30 years.

I now have a healthy outlook on food, life and I finally love the lady I see in the mirror every day. Catherine is a beautiful human being who is benevolent and displays every bit of sincerity. I highly recommend Catherine and have the utmost respect and confidence she will change your life for the better.

Prior to my first session with Catherine, I was using youtube videos to learn how to utilize the faster EFT method to clear up old baggage. While I definitely experienced some relief and felt my life shift, the experience of working with a trained practitioner brought exponential results to my healing journey.

Even when I felt intense discomfort in the moment, she did not let me quit. She kindly and gracefully led me through the process until I attained a deeper state of peace and acceptance of my past. I highly recommend working with Catherine.

Alison Colorado, USA
AlisonCanberra, Australia

I saw Catherine last month as a last resort to food texture issues. For someone who hasn’t eaten vegetables in over 20 years I can now say I’m introducing a few table spoons to my plate most dinner times and I’m starting to eat fruit more willingly and I’m just overall more daring in trying food I’m not familiar with.

I still have my limits but I’m feeling better in myself having done it. Although I still have a long way to go until I’m ‘normal’ but what is normal anyway

I had a great experience with Catherine McMahon! In about an hour we managed to get down into a memory that was manifesting itself in the form of my problem. During the course of our session the memory actually changed in such a way that removed the negative emotional charge completely!

I’ve done Faster EFT for quite a while but Catherine’s unique perspective allowed me to realize, come to terms with and accept a part of myself that I haven’t thought about in years. Thank you so much Catherine!

Mike California, USA
HelenSouth Australia

Yesterday I had one of the most insightful, in depth sessions I have had for many years. Catherine guided me through from a most painful situation to completion of a long standing multidimensional issue that has been dogging me for many years.

Thank you Catherine for being such a beautiful being reflecting back to me the light beauty I have not seen of myself for being so comfortable with that which is familiar, inspiring me to move forward and trust this process called life. Words cannot really describe the extreme bliss resulting from her beautiful work!

I contacted Catherine McMahon at a point in my life when most of my days were overtaken by feelings of hopelessness and failure. My hope was to clear these feelings that overwhelmed me and the positive changes in my life after two sessions are far more than I could have hoped for.

Catherine has been able to help and guide me through events and emotions from my past that were subconsciously ruling how I interacted with my children and husband, negatively effecting my day to day living. She was then able to bring my awareness to how and why I react in certain ways and give me the tools to overcome my negative reactions and replace them with calm, positive actions.

Though at some times the pain and grief of what Catherine and I were uncovering was unbearable, she expertly lead me through the process with loving care until we made it out the other side. After each session, I feel lighter in myself, more peaceful with better understanding of my emotions and anxiety. I understand my children better, and can relate to them in a completely new way. There is more obedience and fun in our home, less tension between my husband and I and I am far more content with my role in our family.

I am so grateful that I contacted Catherine; she is well worth the investment.

Annie Brisbane, Australia