About Me

I too struggled endlessly with cravings, overeating, binge eating, feeling fat, unhappy and out of control in with my eating habits and body image for the better part of thirty something years.

Four years ago I weighed more than I had ever weighed in my life. My 5ft 4” frame was carrying 69 kilos/ 152 pounds. My body was fat and frumpy, my clothes very rapidly stopped fitting me and I had to go up a dress size or two and my relationship with my husband and children was suffering due to my increasing unhappiness. All I could do was ride the perpetual roller coaster of trying to numb my pain and escape my body through food.

Everything became increasingly more difficult. All I saw was fat and I felt angry, lonely and helpless to know how to get the results I wanted and my husband just didn’t know what to do to help me feel better (and all he wanted for me was to feel good about myself).

I with-drew from my friendships as I just didn’t feel like socializing any more. Partly because I believed I wasn’t worthy of meaningful friendships, but partly because I felt sad so frequently I didn’t want to burden anyone with my troubles. It was such a perpetual cycle of self-destruction with no obvious way out (at the time).

The worst part of it all was when a craving hit –no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t walk away from the one thing that I knew in that moment would bring me a glimmer of relief, happiness or safety. Food really was my friend for all the wrong reasons.

I searched high and low for a solution that actually worked! One that didn’t rely on will powered, deprivation or resistance. AND I finally found it!!! The results I got were amazing!

I began to feel better about my body, I experienced less anxiety and overwhelm. I no longer used food to distract or numb my feelings and I felt as though I was in the driver’s seat of my life.

The follow on effect was great also – I felt better about myself, so I was happier in my marriage, my husband was most definitely pleased. I was able to be calmer and more present with my children and fun was restored to the family home.


Catherine McMahon

Thank you Catherine!! Your insight, intuition and understanding have helped me in overcoming unconscious patterns. I have learnt to differentiate between emotional craving and real hunger. Overall, it was an empowering experience of self-discovery, thank-you!!


I grew up thinking I was fat and second best, even when I wasn’t fat! Now I know these beliefs actually made me fat later in life. For a long time I lived in the shadows, wore jumpers on 40 degree days never wore a skirt and didn’t dream of going swimming! I now wear singlets, skirts and I even went swimming this summer!

Catherine’s treatment left me with wonder and amazement every time! I feel better with myself, I understand myself better and having broken some very old cycles she helped me free myself from old beliefs that kept my weight on. Thoughts of self-loathing, blaming others, feeling out of place and feeling undeserving are now losing their power after Catherine showed me how to be conscious of them and how to end them. Her techniques, knowledge and wisdom have been invaluable in my life. Just 1 session with Catherine eradicated my Tim Tam “issues” and to this day I am Tim Tam free! With my regular appointments I started to lose weight and guess what? It felt easy!

Catherine’s approach to weight loss is refreshing, it’s extremely enjoyable, and it deals with the issues that got me there in the first place. This program is a permanent life changer!