5 Powerful Reasons To Never Diet Again!

You read so much information about the latest fad-diets, what’s good and what’s not. There are so many conflicting opinions and you feel so darn confused and overwhelmed with what to do – you just want to do the right thing – as long as it works!

So the simple answer to the diet riddle is – don’t do it!

Your body has an inbuilt wisdom that is far superior to any text book information. The really cool thing about this wisdom is that is unique and tailored to each individual. No two bodies are the same and no two people will have the exact same results or reaction in the exact same way.

The best thing you could possibly do for your health and wellbeing is to invest the time you spend on researching the latest food crave or exercise regime on getting to know your own body, listening to it and decoding the messages and signals it is giving you so that you can give yourself exactly what you need – rather than keep guessing and getting mediocre results.

  1. Diets DO NO work! – if “dieting” was the solution there would only be one diet, we would all do it and we would only have to do it once!
  1. Restriction and Deprivation do not feel good and they are in conflict with the natural hard wiring of the survival program of the brain. This is the quickest way to send your body’s chemistry hay-wire and kick it into fat-storage mode rather than fat burning mode.
  1. Diets are prescribed, un-natural and often hard work! Your best bet to achieving lasting food success is to modify your choice of food according to how your body feels and what it is telling you it needs.
  1. Learn the secret language of your body! – when you take the time to listen you will hear the answers direct from the source. Your body knows what it needs, what is good for it, what is easy for it to digest and what isn’t. Learn to understand that “you” the personality is not in control here. Your body knows far better than you and all you have to do is ask, listen and act according to what your body requires in the moment.
  1. Take the emotion out of food! Food only has the meaning or emotional association that you give to it – some people crave wine, others pasta, while others just can’t say NO to chocolate. What is the emotional association and memories that you have placed into the food that has you craving comfort, fun, love, happiness, safety and the list goes on of feel good emotions that food generates for people?
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