20 Life-Changing Questions Everyone Should Ask

We, by nature, are question asking machines – and if questions are being asked answers are being sort. Your mind is such a powerful and agreeable tool that it wants to be of service and please you and when you ask things like “Why does this always happen to me?” OR “What makes you think you could achieve something that amazing?” It will seek an answer – any answer – even if it is one that holds you back, makes you feel bad and keeps you stuck in the same old same cycle of hating on yourself.

So to get better answers you must ask better questions.

Asking questions in such a way that allows your mind to explore possibility and opportunity to grow is of paramount importance. You want to uncover and discover tools and information that is actually helpful and supportive of your growth.

So HOW is always the big question….

“How do I ask better questions so I can get better answers?”

It’s simple….

Let me show you….

  1. What in my life is currently working the way I would like it to?
  2. What in my life is currently NOT working the way I would like it to?
  3. What would need to change for my life to work the way I would like it to?
  4. If I did know the answers to the above question, what could they be? (I don’t know is a habit answer – exploring possibilities is far more natural and satisfying to find solutions)
  5. What skills, talents or attributes do I have that I am proud of?
  6. How could I use these skills, talents or attributes to help me achieve the goals I have for life?
  7. What habits or behaviours would I need to let go of to be able to achieve my goals?
  8. What could I do to let go of these habits and behaviours?
  9. What habits or behaviours would I need to grow and embrace to achieve my goals?
  10. What could I do to embrace these new habits and behaviours?
  11. Who am really I trying to please?
  12. How would my life be different when please myself?
  13. Who would benefit from these changes?
  14. What is my body really trying to tell me?
  15. What has stopped me from listening to my body in the past?
  16. How can I give my body a voice and be heard more frequently?
  17. What could I let go of?
  18. What would I like to embrace?
  19. Who could I forgive today?
  20. What can I do to show myself that I am loving me in better ways?

Questions are incredibly powerful! Learn the art of effective questioning and you will be able to overcome any perceived challenge or obstacle no matter how great or small.

Happy questioning

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